Hugh Herr: The New Bionics

-Dan Zweig


1000 years of European history in 3 minutes


Untangling TIFs  -Dan Zweig


City Social Data Mapping


-Dan Zweig

James Howard Kunstler (guy who wrote Long Emergency) – Ghastly Tragedy of the Suburbs

Inside Caracas’ Tower of David, the World’s Tallest Slum -Dan Zweig

Chicago goes to war with Asian Carp


Thousands of online users controlling one Pokemon game. The chaos in itself is a cool social experiment.

Stan Allen Lecture to Watch:


Insulation from mushrooms? Whaaat….

Walking City -Tim

“ROOTMAP is designed to simulate the way that water and nutrient uptake, and the growth of crop root systems, responds to the changing soil environment. Roots are notoriously difficult to study due to the fact that they are ‘hidden’ in soil. Studying the complex interactions between crop root systems and their below-ground environment is difficult, often impossible, to do in real soil. ROOTMAP has been designed to investigate these interactions virtually. Art Diggle’s root architecture model can represent any root architecture and rooting strategy in 3D space.”

1:24 – “When you look at a greenhouse, we use a lot of energy for heat, and we use a lot of CO2.  And it’s kinda frustrating to know that those same two products are the largest waste products produced in America.”

-Lauren Kottis


Student project I found this interesting not only for its relevance to the composting aspect but how the system overall is decentralized and considers the social aspect of design.  “Systems design is larger than the physical realm; it is the design of how our society acts.”


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