Group Maps

Overall Map (Caution this is a huge file) XL


Rough Draft of Lauren’s Site:

Individual Sites3_Artboard 3 Lauren Kottis

Rough Draft of Spencer’s Site:

Individual Sites_Artboard 10 Spencer Olsufka

Rough Draft of Zhong’s Site:

Individual Sites_Artboard 9 Zhong Zhao

Rough Draft of Michelle’s Site:

Individual Sites_Artboard 8 Michelle Simoni

Rough Draft of Jelena’s Site:

Individual Sites_Artboard 7 Jelena Milkic

Rough Draft of Lara’s Site:

Individual Sites_Artboard 6 Lara Rivera

Rough Draft of Shengliang’s Site:

Individual Sites_Artboard 5 Shengliang Rong

Rough Draft of Robert’s Site:

Individual Sites_Artboard 4 Rob Wan

Rough Draft of Dan’s Site

Individual Sites_Artboard 2 Dan ZweigRough Draft Venera’s Site

Indiv_Tim_Venera_Artboard 11 Venera Tako

Rough Draft Tim’s Site

Indiv_Tim_Venera_Artboard 12 Tim


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