module 1 02_14_2014

Presentation 02-17-14

Rong Shengliang 02-142014-02-15 20.36.44SITE STRATEGY OF PUBLIC MODEL SITE BIRDVIEW OF PUBLIC MODEL SECTION 2014-02-15 20.35.12 2014-02-15 20.35.32 2014-02-15 20.36.33 2014-02-15 20.36.44 2014-02-15 20.36.02

Jelena Milkic 02-14

Zhong Zhao02-14

photo 1photo 3photo 2nonspatial

Michelle Simoni: Farm_Live_Entertain

Team 2_Project PrototypeCompost Energy Cycle-01 Compost Energy Diagram-01site diagram with zoning-01

Site Diagram close-01

program diagram2-01

program diagram-011-01perspect 2-01program diagram1-01   Group 3 – 02-05-14

new diagram-01vacant land income-01vancant land demo-01vancant land density-01vancant land value-01TEAM 3


Robert Wan – 2.14.14

1 2 3 4 5 6

Dan Zweig – 2.14.14



Site Bldg InventoryPilsenInventory-02

Fisk Bldg Inventoryfisk plan-01

Sightlines & Visibilitysightlines

Two Carp Schemes – 1 using annual carp waste output from 1 fishery, the other (smaller) to match the energy output of the old coal unit


Plan concept – condense physical space of power plant so public can access all sides



Venera 2.14.14

IMG_1181 IMG_1182 IMG_1185 IMG_1186 IMG_1187 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_1191 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 IMG_1194

Tim: 021414_update_TimLee

Lara 02-14-14


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