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Shinola – New branding of an old shoe shine company as a watch/bike manufacturer.  They located themselves in a an old General Motors building in Detroit. -Lauren Kottis
Parque Central de Valencia – Kathryn Gustafson – Michelle Simoni
Project by SWA – Michelle Simoni

Plan Commission Approves Controversial Bridgeport Heliport


-Dan Zweig -A brand new campaign (and cool website) called Transit Future launched by the Center for Neighborhood Technology and Active Transportation Alliance -Lauren Kottis – Venera Tako – Venera TakoVirtual Fencing (For Cattle) – Tim LeeEndangered Sites in Chicago – Dan ZweigPreservation Chicago – Dan ZweigDivvy Spokes – Trips taken by start neighborhood.  This is one entry by Transitized for Divvy’s Data Challenge.  We should see more visualizations after the contest ends on March 11. – Lauren KottisWhat Chicago Could Look Like in 20 Years – Tim LeeChicago’s Big Bet on the Bus – Tim LeeSpike Lee Gentrification Rant – Tim LeeObama Announces New Midwest Manufacturing Hubs – Dan ZweigVegetables_Fruits_Yields_and_Seasons – Michelle SimoniDemolition of Gardiner best option, report say – Tim Lee“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”-Donald Rumsfeld

Some Amazing Maps – RadicalCartography – Dan Zweig

Airbnb Gentrification: How the Sharing Economy Drives up Housing Prices – Lauren Kottis

A Coffee House for Englewood – Tim Lee

(If you want to hear more about people trying to make a difference in Chicago communities, I highly suggest following them on Twitter or Facebook)

Civic group proposes closing parts of 20 Chicago streets – Tim Lee


Great Report on total waste generated for multiple sectors – Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Construction and Demolition.

-Michelle Simoni  – Venera Tako

Harvesting hope: Englewood’s urban farm hires ex-offenders – Jelena Milkic

High-Powered Plasma Turns Garbage Into Gas – Jelena Milkic

A City That Turns Garbage Into Energy Copes With a Shortage

Lauren Kottis

What Will Happen To Public Transit With Self-Driving Cars

Timothy Lee

EIU Integrates Biomass Plant to Supply Heat and Energy on Campus

-Michelle Simoni

The Future of Cities, as Gabe Kline Sees it

-Lauren Kottis


Shared Waters: Chicago, Gary, Milwaukee & St. Louis
6:00PM Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014

Location: Lecture Hall Gallery, Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S Michigan Ave

As water connects Chicago to larger systems, it also connects the city to a network of other cities grappling with issues concerning water. Join us for an engaging evening where policy experts from Chicago, Gary, Milwaukee, and St. Louis will discuss complex water challenges and innovations in these metropolises.

Debra Shore, Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago
Dean Amhaus, President and CEO, Milwaukee Water Council
Derek Hoeferlin, R.A., Assistant Professor of Architecture, Washington University, St. Louis
Daniel F. Vicari, P.E., BCEE, Executive Director, Gary Sanitary District | Gary Storm Water Management District

Iker Gil, Mas Studio and Co-Director, Chicago Expander
Joshua G. Stein, Principal, Radical Craft

This discussion on water is organized by the Chicago Expander and Joshua Stein in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP and the Chicago Architecture Foundation.


The Chicago Expander is a research initiative and platform for critical discourse that challenges conventional boundaries and perceptions of the city, the region and its position in the world.  Learn more at

After the City, the City is an Archeworks forum to address the future of the city accepting that the actuality of our current version of urbanity has surpassed the scale and scope of what we once considered the city. Learn more at

-Dan Zweig

Major expansion brewing at Three Floyds

Timothy Lee

Netherlands retrofit of old coal mine to produce geothermal energy for Heerlen.

Michelle Simoni

10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Chicago to Explore

Venera Tako

Urban Densities Compared (source:


tim lee

Why So Many Emerging Megacities Remain So Poor


-Dan Zweig

Canadian researchers use bees to drop pesticides on crops


Volvo charges electric C30 in less than 3 hours


City of Water

India Increases Effort to Harness Biomass Energy


Chicago: City of Big Servers

Could Bixi's Financial Problems Affect Bike-Share in New York, D.C. and Beyond?

Could Bixi’s Financial Problems Affect Bike-Share in New York, D.C. and Beyond?

A tour of MWRD – MPC’s most excellent adventure!

Fuel From Landfill Methane Goes on Sale

Onlookers gather as a blast sends tons of limestone flying Monday at the Thornton Quarry. A project for the Deep Tunnel floodwater control system will create the largest reservoir of its kind in the world to contain stormwater and sewer water overflow from the Chicago area.

Blast at Thornton Quarry propels Deep Tunnel project,0,2589408.story?page=1

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